Hello, I am Ksenia Friiasva and I am glad to welcome you here.

It’s a pleasure to be useful for you. Feel free to contact me and order some of offers.


I am in science of emotional intelligence since 21 years, making photographs of images from subconscious (teaching also how to make it), contributing in improving the quality

of conscious dreaming and well-being.


As photo-art-therapist (psychology, photography and art-therapy) I offer the course to developp emotional intelligence (subconscious, mindsets, mechanics of emotions),

as photographer - portraits (underwater also available) and photo of the iris,

as psychologist and freediver - freediving courses and mental coaching in apnea static,

as teacher of art - facilitating sessions to accept and use the artistic part of individuality,

as lover of the sea and ocean creatures - teaching how to communicate with dolphins

and organising trips to them.



- «Foreign (French) language with additional specialty Foreign (German) language"

in Volgograd State Pedagogical University.

Diploma topic: "The expression of emotions in the structure of the French language».

- "Psychology" in Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University

- "Teacher of fine and decorative arts" in Ural Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining


Additional education:

- “Phototherapy. The use of photography in psychological counseling and psychotherapy” in Institute of Practical Psychology “Imaton”

- “ART-THERAPY: variety of approaches. Stage I: Meditative techniques of art-therapy. Stage II: Art-therapy methods using color and numerical elements, group art-therapy methods. Stage III: Integrative methods of art-therapy, work with psychosomatics.» in Institute of Practical Psychology "Imaton"

- “ART-THERAPY: variety of approaches. Stage IV: Art-therapy in work with psychiatric patients, the elderly, children and adolescents who are dying. Art-therapy in perinatal psychotherapy. Theory and practice of drama-therapy. Performance as an art-therapy technique. Stage V: Art-therapy in working with addictions and in solving gender problems, in working with migrants and refugees. Fundamentals of the psychotherapeutic use of photography, family art-therapy techniques» in Institute of Practical Psychology "Imaton"

- “Metaphors of art materials in art-therapy: different approaches to the use of art materials in art-therapy; features of the use and metaphor of soft materials in art-therapy practice; natural materials, finished and found objects as art materials, their metaphors and possibilities of application in art-therapy practice” in “Art-Therapy Center”,

“Igor Burganov Academy of Arts”, “Art-Therapeutic Association”

- “Methods of art-therapeutic psychodiagnostics: Silver drawing tests, test of artistic and emotional perception; art-therapy form for a comprehensive self-assessment of the psycho-emotional state; method "Life path", method "Color metaphors"; test "A man picking an apple from a tree" and Art-Therapeutic Scales of Formal Elements; diagnostic tool "Mandala" in "Art-Therapy Center", "Igor Burganov Academy of Arts",

"Art-Therapeutic Association"

- "Art-therapy in the modern world: in education, medicine, business and

the social sphere" in "Russian State Social University"


Professional experience:

- photographer (since 2001);

- photo-art-therapist (since 2006);

- freediving psychologist (since 2020);

- member of the National Association for the Development of Art-Therapeutic

Science and Practice «Russian Art-Therapeutic Association" (since 2017);

- assistant head in the eye microsurgery clinic (2014-2021);

- art-therapist in the rehabilitation center for addicted and coaddicted people

"Healthy Youth Center" (2014);

- consultant in investment trade marketing company (2013-2014);

- assistant manager in a few companies (2008-2013)


Experience in photography:

- honorable mention and award in the ND Awards 2020 international photography

contest for my photo "Mermaid In The Ice" (Single, Professional) in the Fine Art

nomination in the Nudes category;

- victory in the photo-competition "true purity" of the company «Nivea» (2017);

- recommended photographer of 2011 according to the Sony World Photography Organization and the publication of my photo (nomination "smile") in the annual

book of winners "World Photography Awards 2011";

- exhibition for the 3rd birthday of "F.club", Volgograd (2011);

- exhibition within the framework of the opening of the photo studio "Pink fish",

Volgograd (2011);

- wedding exhibition "Wedding-chaos", Volzhsky (2011);

- exhibition "Successful find", Volgograd (2010);

- specialized exhibition "Advertising and Art", Volgograd (2009);

- personal exhibition-performance within the framework of the art-parade "Bird",

Volgograd (2009);

- exhibition-competition "Inspiration", Volgograd (2008) - with a victory in the

nomination "love».


Additional Information:

navy stewardess

traveler (lived in 30 countries)

free diving athlete, hold my breath for 7 minutes

teach people how to communicate with dolphins

skydiver, basketball player, surfer, snowboarder